I love middle school ministry

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We are always searching for things we can do to engage the students during worship at Oasis (Our mid week jr high service where I serve locally.) A few weeks ago we had the students write out their prayers on a section of the wall we had prepared with some long streams of paper. Students were to go and write whatever they wanted to during a slow song set. We wanted to do anything we could think of to get them more responsive during our worship times. Last Wednesday night I was talking with some students near this project and decided to write a few. I started with one written in sparkly purple. The hand writing was neat and I was confident that it was a girl's prayer. After reading a few I wanted to share my favorite one with you all. I just had to take a picture of it. Middle school students are great. Jesus loves them, hears them and I am a butt head for laughing when I read this. I am okay with that though because my laugh was also a prayer. I was just reminded for a second how awesome it is to work with jr high students.

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