monumental band decisions . . .

Foundation Red is entering it’s 10th summer leading worship for conferences. Among the most debated things in band life I find myself once again at the crux of those monument decisions every band must make.

Fortunately, I have been doing this long enough not to fall to the pressure of other band members when it comes to these two most crucial points. The first is, “Just what kind of band picture should we take.”

Answer: Take a goofy one and nobody try to look hard because chances are you just recently moved out of your parent’s house! Stop it!

The second debated issue is, “What are our t shirts going to look like?”.

Answer: I have enough t-shirts in my garage that have our band name on them to buy a 2001 4 Door, short bed, pick up truck with around 80,000 miles . . . cash . . . which is what I need right now. So we are not going to put the band name on the shirt.

(Indecently, while we are on the issue of band names, I am still stuck with a band name that everyone in the band wanted but me. I am the only person left in the band. I still have the band name.)

Below is our first option for summer shirts. Let me know what you all think. Yes grandma, you especially. No grandma, I don’t smoke.

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Matt Foreman said...

dude I'd wear it, I'd even buy it so I could wear it, I like it!

Ancarrow...the blog said...

If you had seen all my old band's publicity shots....eh. You never will, they are well hidden, and will probably only be disovered if I ever ran for public office. I should also point out that my band had a shirt with a crab on it. But at least we never did what every other ska band did, and added "ska" to some part of a song title, or band name, or t-shirt, like saying "skalleluia" or something.

As far as the the shirt,statement shirts are all the rage, my friend. It could say, "I love pipe organs," or "I heart pre-programmed drum loops," and they'd still buy it. you know how it goes. You should rip off the Denver Broncos' old school logo and make a shirt. I have seen it done, but the band isn't together anymore. It mades for a cool shirt.

Corbett said...

"(Indecently, while we are on the issue of band names,"

Did you perhaps mean incidently? =) I never thought FR was indecent at all...well not very much.

Have a good summer my friend!