The Perking Mullet

Today's post will forecast that USA worship bands will be a tipping point influencing modern American pop culture to welcome back the mullet.

One: A few weeks ago in Panama City, FL I experienced my first legit mullet sighting (East Tennessee Carnival workers do not count - see below- this is the real deal.) Christ In Youth premiered our summer high school event, ONES, and the worship band was Steve Fee. This was a great group of guys. Look for my podcast with Steve in the next few weeks. Steve's bass player, Heath, is the inspiration for the "perking mullet" blog today.
Two: an invitation to the blogging community to participate in coining the new phrase "perking a mullet". The definition I am offering up is: "haircut strategically designed for quick disguise upon imminent mullet ridicule or easily let out for mullet friendly environments."

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I've been reading for some time now about the fashion of the eighties coming back into mainstream American pop culture. I have to admit this doesn't bother me seeing as how I was officially the last person in Indiana to stop tight rolling my pants! That was only because my wife made me stop before she would accept our engagement.

Now some of the popular fashion magazines are hinting about the return of the "mullet". I realize we have many alternate names for this (insert list).
We have all also heard the jokes about those regions in our country that never let go of the mullet. It is coming back! I am not talking about those goofballs who are just getting off the carnival circuit. This resurgence is already being seriously worn in the Netherlands and Australia.

Of all the fashion comebacks we have seen over the years this one haircut seemed to have no chance for another run! I do want to make the prediction that the Christian music community will be one of the major tipping points because of the influence of Australian band United right now on the songs they are pouring out. The Holy Spirit seems to be directly funneling so many songs that are touching the heart of this generation. I have a tremendous amount of respect for these guys. They also are unabashedly sporting this look. You have to be able to see this kind of fashion statement all the way through during this early adapters stage. We are on the cusp of student culture accepting this as soon as Holister puts the poster up! I only have this to see to those of you who are fence squatters. . . If you're going to ride this train do not be hesitater's! Commit!
I've followed Kirk Cameron through, fully participating the first time. I will be sitting this one out. However, I will be a frequent visitor to a new blog on mullet's I found doing research for this post! Click here.
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I'm Chris Holohan said...

You can find a nice mullet here in South Africa as well. A guy on our team has a "stylish" mullet that we call his "moo-lay".