introducing Evan

For those folks who attended last year’s Believe Tour you will remember the 14 year old boy Robert Peirre who joined us. It worked out great having an actual jr high student with us on tour in many ways. I was forced to think about every component of the event through Robert’s eyes. I can remember many conversations back stage about various elements of the program and how I changed them after talking with Robert.

Well this year we are fortunate to continue the tradition of having a jr high student actually with us! It also serves as a reminder to all of us who work with jr high students regularly how different every student really is. Let me introduce you to Evan. Evan will be playing the keytar on stage all weekend. Be ready for the killer Chicken Dance song on Saturday afternoon. If you are joining us at Believe this spring be sure to have your students all log onto www.savethekeytar.com to learn the moves to, soon to be world famous, ‘Mas Tortillas’. Mas Tortillas will be featured at Believe during break times.

Just to give you a glimpse into the nutty mind of Evan check out this cartoon that him and his Dad recently worked on. We can’t wait to see you and your students this spring!


The Anonymous Human said...


I was just walking through my model complex and a guy working on the signage had a colts hat on. I said, "Go Colts" and he was like "right on". "You from Indiana?" I asked. "Yeah, Mooresville." "You know Johnny Scott?" I asked. He said, "Yeah, we played football together. His name is Tyson.

I thought it was weird.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing! i loved CIY in cincinatti! Yancy is amazing! i want t be just like her!
Love in christ,
Holly White

Becky said...

Johnny! I randomly stumbled upon your blog today so I thought I'd say hello. Looks like life is keeping you busy. :)

It will be fun to keep up with your blog!


Anonymous said...

hey johnny. im a freshman this year, and i really missed going to believe this year. i wish i could have gone! i remember last year when robert was there....actually me and another girl from my church are in one of his music videos on his website....haha yeah. my youth pastor also introduced us to a Christian alternative to Myspace called "faithfreaks". I think it is an awesome site...I think you and Foundation Red should set up a faithfreaks...you could even put some of your music on your page! Just an idea..... :D

Anonymous said...

i think faithfreaks is tight. i also think that FR should have a podcast to help people like my youth minister learn how to play guitar. he could really us the help. o and evan is my hero.

Captain Cosmo said...

Hey. I just randomly like to be caught up with your blog, so maybe you can stay caught up with mine. Im just jokin, Im being stupid again, but if you want to, check out me and prestons website at

Anonymous said...

is there anywhere where i can buy the Mas Tortilas song?