Believe 2008 - 2009 Line up

I have been working hard with the Believe staff on next year's Jr High Believe tour. Our first event is in Baltimore! I was just there last week doing some promotional lunches. It's going to be awesome. Our theme this year is speak. We will be looking at the life of Jeremiah and we have a great cast of speakers and artists to help us do that: Speakers; Scott Rubin, Steve Carter,Nathan Head, Kurt Johnston, Jason Raitz, Artists; Eric Timm, Jared Hall, Brent the stunt guy, The Rubyz and Dust Graphic Novels.

As you can see our look has gone comic book crazy. We have partnered with Dust graphic novels so get ready to see Believe comic book style. Check out our artist line up as super heroes (they are in real life anyway since they work with jr high students!)

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1 comment:

Heather said...

those are great, except we all know that eric's muscles are really nothing like that.