Evan at Willow . . . classic

The Believe Staff and I recently visited Scott Rubin and Jason Raitz at their Willow Creek Jr High Sunday Morning services. (we like to see the people who speak on our tour with their own students) Evan (the keytar player from Believe) was with us and we took this photo of him in the sanctuary. It's a funny picture when you think about the quintessential jr high awkward stage of life.

We just posted Evan's promotional ">rap for the Believe speak tour. I am excited to see the new version posted (hopefully today) with the director's comments included. (t was done in honor of the old VH1 pop up video. I'll post a link when it is up. For now, check out the funny regular version.

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Alaina said...

Hi, my name is Alaina and I love believe. You were talking about how you visit the churches that come and see you on tour, and I wanted to know if you could come and visit my church. I go to West Side Christian Church in Springfield, IL. Can't wait till Believe 2009 in March!!!!!