Believe Welcomes Hetti-Marie

I got the Believe Director job from my first real contact with CIY as a subcontracted worship leader. I've been leading jr high students groups specifically in worship for ten years now and if there is one thing I am very picky about at Believe it is most definately the worship aspect.

Many kids come to Believe and have thier perspective of what it means to sing corporately in the faith community challenged. Over the past few years Worship at Believe has evolved into what I would call a much more healthy model. In the early years I mimicked what I saw modeled. There was a single guy leader with an acoustic guitar standing out front leading every song. We didn't have the Hillsong model of community led worship until these last few years. Thank God for what they are doing and how it is chaning our views of what the gathering of Christians calling upon the Lord can look like.

With my involvment as an MC at times during the weekend event it has been great to have other worship leaders co lead our song times at Believe over the past few years like: Yancy, Robert Pierre, Jordan Howerton and most recently Issac Schade.

This year we are proud to welcome to the Believe Stage Hetti-Marie. Hetti is a childrens pastor at Strong Tower in Nashville, TN. She has a amazingly talented voice with a countenance on stage that will point kids towards Jesus. I can't wait to watch her make her mark on the feel and flow of next year's Messiah Tour. It really is going to be awesome. Visit Hetti-Marie on Myspace or her Website!

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