New publicity leaked

The word isn't out yet but here is a sneak peak at our new ad coming out in Youth Worker's Journal and in Interlic's fall YLO issue.

It has been difult for us to find a price based incentive for new youth ministries to check Believe out that doesn't seem to penalize all of our great ministry partners. We got it figured out and it's going to rock. The deal is that Believe is going to be only 25.00 for every new registration! Click here to read the details of the special price promotion.

We realize that the current economy is having an impact on the programming decisions that youth pastors make. We didn't know what to expect last year for attendance as the country began to feel the financial crises during the middle of our tour. What happend is we experienced the largest attended Believe tour in our 11 year history. And what a great tour of ministry it was as we looked at lesson's for jr high students from the life of Jeremiah.

We have experienced steady growth as leaders across the country talk to each other and recommend Believe. In part, some of our growth was due to ministries trying a new spring event instead of planning thier own. At the end of the day it takes lots of time and investment to put an event together for your students on your own along with everything else leaders do on a weekly basis.

The exciting thing is that our awesome administrative staff at CIY has not cut corners on the event to make the 25.00 registration happen. In fact, our plans for the Messiah tour are the most ambitious I have ever been apart of. We are quite excited and look forward to seeing many more students as we amplify Christ's call to be Kingdom Workers in 2010!

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