NEW Believe Leader's Guide!!!

God made all sorts! The reality of this is only heightened when you work with jr high kids. As adults, we are as dynamic in our personalities as the kids we work with. The only catch is we are usually more set in our ways. So this post is for a specific kind of youth leader (and we love all types). Chances are, if you are reading this then you are EXACTLY the type of person who will love our "Leader's Guide to Believe".

You don't HAVE TO READ this document. One of the great things about Believe is that you can show up and experience the whole weekend with you kids in the moment. We plan it FOR YOU! However, if you like to know whats coming next then this is for YOU! I like to think of my buddy Alan Mercer when I put tools together like this. Alan, this one is for you . . . or awesome youth leaders like you! We've put every piece of info you might need to know to help guide your kids through the weekend!


Also Check out our VERY simplified version:


*please don't request for 'edit access' simply print the page

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