Take Believe Home with our free resource "Session 6"

Believe Session #6
The weekend doesn’t have to be over! Team Believe wants to help you take the Believe experience home. Our “Session Six Package” has everything you need to have one more Believe session when you get home. Use these links to collect band chord charts, Eric’s special “Session Six” video, our take home activity, “NOW Action Step”, and talking points for simple talks with your kids on the Session #6 theme.
• Opening Session Video (download this to start your session)
• Send your band here (for cool stuff like the chord chart to that Lion song!)
Session #6 Video with Eric Samuel Timm• Download Action Packet for "NOW Action Step"
Use this as soon as you get back to the church or for Sunday morning, Wednesday night or even a wait a few weeks after your Believe event. The kids who attend your group during regular weekly programming won’t be out of the loop. The session will work as a stand-alone message and recap for the main theme of the Believe weekend.

Opening Session Video

Use this one minute video to start your session. For those students who attended the Believe event it will be familiar and or those students who did not attend believe, the main thought of the weekend will be introduced – “What are you going to do for God NOW?”

NOW Action Step

At Believe we looked at the story of Yuseph on Saturday morning. Yuseph is a young hero of the faith whose faith, like Esther’s, put him in a place to decide whether or not he would do something NOW for God. There are many other Christians around the world that are not free to worship God. When we write letters to the leaders of our Country the views of Christians have to be taken seriously. We encourage you to download the prepared letter for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and have kids sign it. Join 50,000 kids across all CIY 2011 programs in writing our Nation’s leaders on behalf of Christians around the world enduring persecution.

Other stuff to know about at Believe!

Don't forget to bring a small tube of black and white acyrilic paint for lunch group project (we give you the box and directions. Just bring the paints and sharpies.

Doors & CIY Station open at 3:00 PM Friday afternoon for adults (seat saving allowed)

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